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UJAMAA SHULE (SCHOOL) is an independent private school, pre-school through high school emphasizing Academic Excellence and Character Development. Our team had the privilege to work alongside the nation's oldest independent African-centered school to develop their website. The result: a stunning website and a successful organization which continues to grow.


The Academy for Ideal Education
Private School, Family-centered, Community-based, Education for the Whole Child


In an Ideal Education, learning is fun. There is joy in the learning process. Students learn to love - and love to learn. As their school continues to grow, their presence needed to reflect this large part of their mission to the world. We took on the challenge head on and are delighted with the results!

We worked with the Academy for Ideal Education, a local school, in 2011. They had a dream to take their school to the next level and draw attention with the wonderful accomplishments with their students, while gaining support to continue their endeavors. ​We designed their website.


​"You are a joy to work with. Thank you for your dedicated, persistent commitment to please while providing excellence."

Paulette Jones-Imaan, Director & Founder
The Academy of Ideal Education- Website & FB Page




Prof. Small is considered a living legend in the fight against Eurocentric distortion of world history and for the liberation of the minds of his people. Much of Bro. Small's expertise is found in African traditional spirituality, Malcolm X, African-American history & culture, and the love for his people.​


Professor James Small has been an activist since his teenage years. His in-depth knowledge, thought-provoking and calm delivery are influential elements to break the programming of mis-education.



The mission of the Temple of Nyame is to facilitate HEALING on numerous levels: personal (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), familial, community, societal and global.  We promote healing through ritual and spirit-centered activities.


"I just have to say that the staff at Idawa Management are absolutely awesome. They bring professionalism to a HIGHER level. Creative results!"

-Bokor Iya Mari Brown, Senior Priest, Temple of Nyame






Legacy Empowerment has a rich history specializing in the advancement of projects which enrich the legal, educational, cultural and financial health of the community.



"I am so so very blessed with the fantastic online presence you gave to my Legacy Empowerment Cruise over the past month, creating a great buzz. Oforiwa, you are truly phenomenal. Medasi!"

-Attorney Nkechi Taifa, Director, Legacy Empowerment

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