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We developed a passion for sharing information and assisting people to feel empowered and inspired,  we began promoting and organizing transformational events. We also assist others manage their business, organizing activities and events online presence.

I remember how one event literally changed the course of my life. I just turned 20 years old and lived in NYC. It was the Biko Lives! Festival held in Bronx, NY. It was my very first Pan-African/Black Nationalist/African cultural event. I read about it in the Amsterdam News, a NYC black-owned newspaper, shortly after watching the movie Cry Freedom, about a South African freedom fighter and found of the Black Consciousness Movement, Bro. Steve Biko who was assassinated. When I saw the listing for that event, I decided to go because of the movie, I deeply admired Bro. Steve Biko and wanted to know more about him.

Attending that event was the most beautiful experience I had ever had, up until that point...I found my place in the universe! I finally found what my soul was longing for. The vibe was positive and atmosphere was electric with vendors greeting me saying "peace, sister" and the speakers were on fire motivating and inspiring us, the attendees, to rise up and fight for our people. By the time I left the event, I was ready to sign up and join the fight for  liberation of our minds, body and soul. I floated from that outdoor event with a sense of peace. It created a thirst for me to find more events like it. 

~ Oforiwa

Power Within

We strongly believe:
"Belief fuels enthusiasm, and enthusiasm explodes into passion. It fires our souls and lifts our spirits."

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